4 Things YOU Can Do To Fight Human Trafficking

When we hear about the atrocities of Human Trafficking we can feel overwhelmed. However, we are not helpless. We can do something. Novelist Susie Finkbeiner shares her thoughts in 4 Things YOU Can Do To Fight Human Trafficking.

Susie Finkbeiner

Detroit is 158 miles from my front door. This isn’t a post about the bankruptcy. Or about government bailouts.

This is about how, over the weekend, 10 children were rescued from human trafficking. In Detroit. In all, over the course of the weekend, 105 children in the United States were rescued. 150 traffickers arrested.

When you see the words human trafficking, I want you to think of the word slavery.

And these 105 children were rescued from unimaginable slavery. They were abused. Raped. Dehumanized. These children were reportedly between the ages of 13 and 16 (according to CNN).

In the state of Michigan, a child 16 or under is unable to make a decision to have sex with anyone (see the statutory rape laws here). This was not their choice.

These 105 children were being raped by men several times a day.

And, now, they’re…

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