Targeting Customers Who Are “Sex Purchasers”

In its battle against human trafficking, Orange County, California prosecutors are targeting the customers as well. The names of men picked up on suspicion of soliciting sex have been publicized on the district attorney’s website, along with detailed descriptions of alleged pimps’ arrests, and stories of women being beaten, raped and virtually enslaved as prostitutes.

District Attorney. Tony Rackauckas likened pimps to “modern-day slave owner[s]” and said customers were contributing to a lucrative criminal enterprise. “At the very least, their partners and wives ought to know these sex purchasers are possibly endangering their health,” Rackauckas said.

“Shaming people never changes their behavior; it just pushes it further underground,” said Nola Brantley, executive director of MISSSEY, (Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting, and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth) a community-based organization in Oakland that helps underage victims of sex trafficking.

“Orange County is giving a clear message that not only are we not taking this from traffickers β€” but we’re not taking it from the buyers either. I love that,” said D’Lita Miller, whose teenage daughter was a victim of sex trafficking and who works to help educate law enforcement about Proposition 35.

Learn more at Orange County targets customers in fight against human trafficking.


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