Support Sought for Pennsylvania Anti-Human Trafficking Bills

The Pennsylvania state legislature is considering two human trafficking bills to create a comprehensive, victim-centered approach to fighting human trafficking in the Commonwealth. SB 75 seeks to improve services and response to all victims of human trafficking, and SB 915 is a Safe Harbor bill working to protect child victims of sex trafficking.

SB 75 – Authorizes victims of sex trafficking to have unjust convictions for prostitution-related offenses vacated from their records. Finally, the bill provides for victim services, employee training for specific governmental departments, and detailed rules and responsibilities for various human trafficking prevention agencies such as the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, and the Pennsylvania Council for the Prevention of Human Trafficking.
SB 915 – Creates a presumption that children engaged in prostitution are victims of sex trafficking. Creates a fund for sexually exploited children and requires the Office of Children, Youth, and Families to help coordinate the delivery of services to sexually exploited children in Pennsylvania. The bill was also create a diversion program so that sexually exploited children will be treated as dependents rather than delinquents.


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