Grandmother Uses Art to Fight Human Trafficking

Rose Knight says you are never too old to start something new or to become involved in a worthwhile cause, even if it isn’t what you usually see a senior citizen doing. Knight uses the proceeds from her miniature acrylic and oil paintings to support the fight against human sex trafficking.

“It is something that people don’t want to talk about,” Knight said. “It is just too painful for some to even think about, but someone has to do something. These people have no respect for human life.”

Knight could have continued with her sewing, painting and taking care of her family, but an article in a church magazine brought a new and more challenging cause into her life.

She read a story about a young girl who had run away from home because she was being abused. This girl met a man who said he would help and wanted to bring her home to his family. But his “family” turned out to be three other girls who had nowhere else to go, and she ended up prostituting herself at the hands of a person claiming he wanted to help. In the end, the girl took her own life. She was only 13 years old.

Knight says when she read this story, not only did it break her heart, it really made her mad. “She ran into the arms of a man she thought she could trust, and he used her,” Knight said. “This could have been anyone. It could have been my daughter, my neighbor or anyone I know. They are stealing children’s childhoods. Even if they could get away, they will never get their childhood back.”

This grandmother is not content just to send contributions to support the cause but is anxious to bring about awareness in any way she can. She hangs posters around the community and would like to become a public speaker, although she has had some who were put off by the subject matter.

“They tell me people don’t want to see that, and I understand it is not a nice subject,” Knight said. “I know it’s not pretty, but we can’t close our eyes to what is happening in our own state.”

“I thank God for all the talents that have been given to me, but I believe talent should be shared,” Knight said. “Talent is like a child: You can’t hold on to it too tightly, you have to let it go out into the world.”

Learn more at Sharon Myers’ The Dispatch article: Grandmother uses art to fight human trafficking.


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