New Texas Manual Against Human Trafficking

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has released Introduction to Human Trafficking: A Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals in response to the growing problem of human trafficking in Texas. This much needed tool will equip the criminal justice system to investigate, arrest and prosecute traffickers in North Texas.

“The manual is a key tool for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, parole officers, social workers and others who are positioned to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable and the victimized. The criminal justice manual is one more step we are taking to fight back against the scourge of human trafficking,” said Attorney General Abbott.

The manual addresses 7 core areas essential to the justice system for combating trafficking:

  • The realities of human trafficking.
  • Utilizing a victim-centered approach for human trafficking investigations and Prosecutions
  • Victim identification
  • Federal and state human trafficking laws
  • Approaches to interacting with human trafficking victims
  • Creating response plans
  • Identifying local human trafficking resources

Learn more at The Examiner article: Gregg Abbott Releases New Manual to Fight Slavery.


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