Task Force Forms Alliance Against Human Trafficking

The Trafficking in America Task Force has introduced the TIATF-Alliance to increase productivity amidst participants in the anti-human trafficking movement in the USA in order to expedite an end to modern slavery. TIATF is confident that this Alliance will bring clarity and purpose to the anti-human trafficking movement.

TIATF-Alliance brings together government, non-government organizations, and for-profit organizations working within seven spheres of influence: supply; rescue; demand; distribution; prevention; cultural change and faith; and education, awareness, and research.

TIATF-Alliance has a goal to hire full-time fund raisers as a benefit for those who become a part of the TIATF-Alliance. The end result will be more energy given to doing the work and less time given to chasing money, hence bringing an end to human trafficking in a much earlier time frame. Other benefits for Alliance members include support and basic guidance, oversight with daily functions, and connection with other organizations to achieve goals.

Becoming a member of the TIATF-Alliance allows cities, states, and organizations to be a part of the solution while working to eradicate human trafficking, and assisting to affect the culture in America in order to reduce the entities that are fueling supply and demand.

Learn more at the PR Web article: Trafficking In America Task Force Launches the New TIATF-Alliance for NGO’s and FPO’s.


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