Human Trafficking Hotspots in New Jersey

The FBI has identified two particularly hot spots for trafficking in the state — Northern New Jersey because of its proximity to New York City, and the Atlantic City area, because of the large numbers of visitors who frequent the casinos.

“New Jersey is a big destination state for traffickers because of its ports and because it’s a transportation hub,” said Melanie Gorelick, facilitator of the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking. “Trains and buses leave from here and go all over the country. There are three airports in the area. Also, because of I-95, it’s very easy to move people through New Jersey and all the way down to Florida.”

“Our focus is on radically changing the way we view the issue,” said Beth Hyre, spokeswoman for the league. “According to law enforcement, our children, our grandchildren, the children we teach, and the children we supervise and mentor are prime targets for traffickers. Our complacency that the issue doesn’t directly affect us enables predators.”

The New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking, which has 48 member organizations, is planning a Super Bowl Hotel Outreach in September. The effort is directly tied to expected trafficking activity during the big game. Hotel management is being asked to accept materials, attend trainings, set protocols, and train their staff to spot human trafficking,

Learn more at Lorraine Ash’s Daily Record article:  FBI: Northern NJ a hot spot for human trafficking.


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