Story of Survival from Sex Trafficking

In the past 12 years, Leah Albright-Byrd has gone from victim to advocate, from confused child to focused adult, from someone forced to walk the streets to someone who pounds the pavement against those who would abuse children. “This is a revolutionary time for those of us trying to change human trafficking,” she said. “I will die fighting this. I will take my last breath fighting it. Purchasers don’t get to rape our children.”

Albright-Byrd grew up in a home marked by addiction and molestation. Running away at 14, she met a man who pulled her into nearly four years of exploitation on the streets of San Francisco and Sacramento. Albright-Byrd experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse as well drug addiction and multiple arrests.

At 18, she became a Christian and then earned a degree in theology and counseling psychology. In 2011, she founded Bridget’s Dream to honor Bridget Gray, a close friend and a victim of sex-trafficking who was murdered in Las Vegas in 2006. “I do what I do because of Bridget,” Albright-Byrd said. Her organization provides intervention, prevention and training. Its website motto reads: “One died so millions can live.”

“California is a hub for sex trafficking,” Albright-Byrd said. “Child exploitation is the most hidden form of child abuse in North America. And my heart is invested in what happens in my community. Light up your corner. Hope is the antidote.”

Learn more at Kevin Parrish’s article: Woman shares her story of survival and battle with sex trafficking.


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