Ohio University Student Tackles Human Trafficking

More slaves exist today than ever in human history. Ohio University senior communications major Megan Gallagher has spearheaded the Ohio University End Slavery Movement (OH-ESM) to raise awareness of the modern day slavery epidemic by encompassing a collective voice across Ohio University’s campus while combining efforts to rescue and restore the lives of those affected.

Her plans for OU-ESM targets a group of people that have the voice, and capacity to sweep not only Ohio, but the country: college students. OU-ESM advocates for anti-human trafficking legislation by asking students to sign a petition to show that there are people listening, and finding a solution to end human trafficking is something that they strongly support.

“We are a part of the transformational cause,” said Gallagher. “We want to give a voice to the voiceless, but it takes a lot more. We need to focus on raising awareness, starting at Ohio University then throughout Ohio, and every person that hears about our cause is a step closer to ending human trafficking.”

 Learn more at Daniella Vaccari’s The New Political article: Ohio University tackles Ohio human trafficking head on.


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