Making a Righteous Choice About Human Trafficking

Facing the paradox of practicality and systemic injustice, how do we live on an everyday basis? Where do grace and practicality step in? Jonathan Walton, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship New York City Urban Project Director, summarizes a solution in three ways: prayer, purchasing and partnership.

Prayer. The fight to end slavery does not begin at the door of a brothel — it begins on our knees in prayer. We are without excuse if we are not praying first.

Purchasing. Americans spend more money on pornography than the entire entertainment industry combined. In addition, common purchases can be connected to forced labor. Instead, we should turn to fair trade alternatives.

Partnership. So entrenched is slave labor to the international economy that no one person can realistically create change. Yet thousands of networks and partnerships working together, can chip away at the system.

“We are clothed in Christ’s righteousness and not our own,” Walton says.

The choice to end injustice is a righteous choice. Will you make that choice?

Learn more at K.  Bettis’ article: The Paradox of Living in the Face of Human Trafficking.

“It is our great work to be like Jesus in everything.”
Bishop Wilhelm von Ketteler, founder of the Sisters of Divine Providence


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