Making a Career of Preventing Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is considered to be a modern form of slavery, which the U.S. Department of Homeland Security defines as coercing humans into exploitation for labor or commercial sex purposes. Numerous opportunities exist for helping to prevent human trafficking.

A degree that complements a career goal to prevent human trafficking, should include studying history, psychology, women’s studies, economics or international relations. For travel to different parts of the world where human trafficking commonly occurs, consider studying languages spoken there or study abroad in a program that invites close interaction with communities in those places. Informally, educate yourself about human trafficking by reading newspaper articles or research published by international organizations.

Deepen your formal understanding of human trafficking prevention by engaging in volunteer activities. These might include fundraising, organizing a conference focused on human-trafficking prevention or accepting an internship with an anti-trafficking organization. Lobby government officials indicating concern about human-trafficking prevention. Get to know advocates, attorneys, counselors and others working to end human trafficking, in order to learn more about the topic and increase your professional network.

Learn more at Bettina Drew’s Global Post article: How to Start a Career Preventing Human Trafficking.


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