Why Human Trafficking Is On the Rise

Rather than diminishing, reports of children victimized by human traffickers are increasing. Worldwide, children comprised 20 percent of all victims from 2003 to 2006 – that rose to 27 percent over the next three years.
Some the major, enabling factors are:
• Sexually exploiting women and girls is big business. A human trafficker can potentially earn 20 times the amount paid for a girl. Unlike drugs and guns, the same girl can be sold over and over again. Once a girl has been sufficiently frightened by her victimizer – told that she’ll be found and punished if she flees, or that the lives of her family in another country may be at stake – she will follow a pimp’s demands.
• The internet is a free channel for the criminal underworld. According to one estimate, 76 percent of transactions for sex with underage girls start on the internet. The internet also allows traffickers to find and “befriend” girls who reveal through their postings the characteristics traffickers are looking for.
• Diplomats can take advantage of immunity. Diplomats to this country are allowed to obtain special visas to bring workers from their home country. Some of these officials take advantage of this and exploit workers. After confiscating passports, an abusive diplomat may force workers to toil for long hours with little or no pay. Several women have been sexually abused under these conditions. And, because of diplomatic immunity, these officials are not prosecuted.
• Major events provide opportunity for traffickers. As reported by Forbes, the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas included 133 underage arrests for prostitution; more than 10,000 prostitutes were packed into Miami for the Super Bowl in 2010. These are facts that officials know about; however, former victims say they were trafficked to various major events throughout the United States decades ago.
Learn more at the Atlanta Daily World article: 4 Reasons Human Trafficking is on the Rise.

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