Surviving Sex Slavery

How could someone be a slave and not even know it? It’s happening all the time. In fact, it’s such a problem a major campaign is shining light on human trafficking. When we think of victims of modern day slavery, the girl next door doesn’t come to mind but maybe she should. You won’t recognize domestic sex slaves by handcuffs on her wrists. Instead, modern day sex slaves are kept right where they are by mental chains.

Constance Rossiter with YMCA International Services says most sex slaves have no idea they are. They simply believe their pimp is their boyfriend. “These children are considered throwaways, runaways. They are children who have often times been abused at home. They are just dying for some love and affection,” says Rossiter. YMCA offers human trafficking victims everything from shelter to emotional support.

Sex slaves are typically severely brainwashed by their abuser. Most human trafficking victims suffer horrible post traumatic stress disorder and need extensive counseling. “We’re talking about trauma, unending trauma that has to be deprogrammed. They also suffer anger, low self esteem, severe co-dependency just wanting someone to love them,” explains Kathryn Griffin, founder of We’ve Been There Done That.

Learn more at Damali Keith’s My Fox Houston article: Surviving Sex Slavery.


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