Virginia Governor Expands Action Against Human Trafficking

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell issued an Executive Directive to expand Virginia’s fight against human trafficking at the first-ever Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking.

McDonnell called on the Secretary of Public Safety and other members of his Cabinet to establish an Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinating Committee to assure the Commonwealth’s response to human trafficking is comprehensive and coordinated.

The Coordinating Committee will follow-up on recommendations of an informal working group and develop new recommendations and strategies for strengthening the state’s response to human trafficking.

McDonnell will consider including in the upcoming two-year budget funding for a grant program to support pilot programs designed to reduce prostitution and provide services to victims of trafficking.

In addition to announcing his Executive Directive and consideration of a budget initiative, the Governor highlighted Virginia’s progress in creating a legal framework for more effectively combating trafficking and in taking steps to better coordinate the state’s efforts to raise awareness of the problem and the harm done to the victims.

Learn more at the WSLS News article: Governor McDonnell’s human trafficking summit.

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