The Freedom Registry

True change is only able to be achieved through a collective impact. As we face the challenge of fighting modern day slavery and exploitation, we need to network ourselves at least as effectively as the traffickers, which operate under free market principles.

No single organization can address the complexity of trafficking and exploitation on their own. Collaboration and partnership are essential to create long lasting change, however, to date, there are few effective mechanisms for facilitating coordination on a grand scale.

A professionally designed web application— the Freedom Registry – has been launched  in the United States to facilitate connectivity in the counter-trafficking movement. The Freedom Registry is an interactive online database where organizations involved in counter-trafficking can connect with each other and get their voice out about their work. The entire database is visualized in real-time through the interactive map and can be filtered by constraints such as good practices and organizations needing volunteers.

More about this project can be found at the Freedom Collaborative.

Learn more at the Counter Child Trafficking article: Keeping the Counter-Trafficking Movement Smart and Connected.


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