Teaching Microfinance to Help Stop Human Trafficking

Among the various causes of human trafficking is poverty. Microfinance is a proven way to alleviate poverty. Kiva, an organization dedicated to ending poverty through microfinance, has launched Kiva U –  a movement of students and educators empowered to change the world through microfinance.

Kiva U envisions a world where all students and educators are empowered with the tools and opportunities to become informed, inspired, and mobilized global citizens. Through experiential learning, digital collaboration, and the power of human connections, Kiva U provides a platform for young people to take action and change lives via microfinance and financial inclusion.

The result is a program that will: A give students and educators the resources and opportunity to make a real difference in the world, B tackle some of today’s most important social issues through the lens of microlending, and C touch the lives of thousands of people in the process.

Kiva U is a collaboration between Kiva and Citi Microfinance to engage students and educators on the topic of financial inclusion on campuses, in classrooms, and through their social networks.

Learn more at Kiva U.


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