New York City Christian Students Abolishing Slavery

Led by the spirit of “Biblical justice” — social justice with an evangelical flair — Christian students on 17 New York campuses joined forces for “Price of Life,” a campaign to spread awareness and encourage action against human trafficking and sex slavery. It is one of the largest displays of solidarity to ever unite college-aged Christians in New York City.

Price of Life spokesperson, Jonathan Walton, said that the hesitancy to engage in these issues arises because Christians are afraid to put their faith into practice. “Vulnerability is not a part of the culture in the church,” Walton said. “So these issues get pushed outside the church.”

Price of Life organizers push for both physical and spiritual healing. It’s why they’re convinced that there is a place for Christians at this particular social justice table. “Trafficking breaks down people’s psyches and their souls,” Barnard student Esther Kitavire said. “This is a spiritual evil that we are fighting against and you need God’s spiritual guidance.”

Learn more at Carol Kuravilla’s New York Daily News article: Slavery exists in New York City — and Christian students want to fight it.


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