Houston Males Solicit Online Sex Ads

The population of active online sex customers varies from city-to-city, and a new study tracking online sex services — such as prostitution — finds that Houston is by far the most active.

Decoy online ads for the sale of sexual services and prostitutes were tracked in Invisible Offenders: A Study Estimating Online Sex Customers, conducted by the Arizona State University Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research and supported by the Phoenix Police Department. The market data found that more than one-in-five Houston males (21.4 percent) were soliciting online sex ads. Of the 15 cities included in the study, Kansas City had the second-highest percentage of metro area online sex solicitors with 14.5 percent, Las Vegas was the third-highest at 13.5 percent and San Francisco had the least-highest percentage of online sex customers with .6 percent.

“Online sex customers experience a lower risk of being caught by police than street-level prostitution customers due to the insulation provided by the relative anonymity inherent in internet-based solicitation, or attempt to buy sex,” wrote the researchers.

Learn more at the CBS Houston article: Study: One-In-Five Houston Males Solicits Online Sex Ads.


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