Rehabilitating Sex Trafficking Victims

Child prostitution in Arizona keeps local law enforcement busy, but StreetLight USA helps the young sex workers get off the streets and return to school and their families. Sometimes they have run away from home. Sometimes they come from Mexico, the Philippines and other countries, brought to Arizona by smugglers who sell them like slaves. Some parents addicted to drugs will even force their own children to sell their bodies for quick cash.

A lot of times, when they first get here they really don’t want to be here, but to see them turn it all around and say, ‘You know what, I’ve made some success out of my life, I want to have something. I want to make my family proud,'”StreetLight counselor Carolyn Jones said.  “And they’re getting a new chance to begin again. They get a chance to rewrite their stories.”

Jones rewrote her own story about a decade ago when she decided to get out of prostitution. That is when her sister Janice was murdered while working as a prostitute in Phoenix. Jones said the day her sister was killed she asked God to help her help others, and she started counseling child sex workers.

Learn more at Steve Shadley’s KJZZ article: Arizona’s StreetLight USA rehabilitates victims of child sex trafficking.


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