Billboard Makes Hunters Aware of Human Trafficking

A new billboard greeting motorists traveling through Two Harbors, Minnesota sports a camouflage-pattern background, but its message is meant to be dramatically clear. The sign is intended to raise awareness of sex trafficking to the hundreds of deer hunters traveling through the county over the next several weeks.

“We’re asking for help,” said Lake County Commissioner Rich Sve, noting that hunters are uniquely qualified to help identify women and children at risk. “Hunters are observant people. This is a whole group of people who are boots on the ground. They’re all over — walking by abandoned buildings, down long roads, in restaurants,” Sve said, suggesting that hunters may notice what the rest of us don’t: “something that just doesn’t fit; something out of the ordinary.”  From there, it’s just a matter of making a call to law enforcement.

Throughout hunting season and beyond, billboards with messages similar to the one on the west end of Two Harbors are slated to appear in communities throughout the region.

Learn more at Tammy Francois’ Lake Country News-Chronicle article: Billboard brings awareness of sex trafficking.


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