Online Child Sex Trafficking in South Carolina

Law enforcement agencies across South Carolina say the days of stop light street corners are gone, and that the child sex trafficking industry has grown online.

“Anyone can go to a website now and click and they can see pictures and there’s services being offered,” said FBI Special Agent David Thomas “Then trying to figure out who those people are and tracking things down, it’s not as simple as it used to be.”

He says now, agents often have to run undercover operations to find human traffickers and that when they do, many times they find children are involved.

“We’ve brought in civic groups. We’ve brought in non governmental groups. We’ve brought in members of the federal governments,” South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson said. “We’re going to be developing techniques and tactics and procedures in a holistic way that’s going to tackle not just the symptoms of the crime but the root cause of the crime.”

Learn more at Clark Fouraker’s WLTX article: Agencies: Child Sex Trafficking Has Grown Online in SC.


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