Churches Urged to Address Human Trafficking

Human sex trafficking is oftentimes viewed as a taboo topic within the church, however, during the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) Justice Summit, the topic was openly discussed in front of Hispanic church leaders who were urged to recognize the issue and take action against it.

In church, this topic along with the discussion of pornography is oftentimes not addressed because some of the “Johns” are members within the same congregations, however, NHCLC is leading the conversation through their sex trafficking initiative. “The church needs to recognize that human trafficking is something that we need to address, we need to understand how to relate to this epidemic and the individuals involved and how to respond. The church hasn’t grasped that yet,” said Danielle Jones.

Although the church may know the facts about sex trafficking, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the NHCLC says sex trafficking cannot be addressed without first addressing pornography. “Viewing pornography is an anesthetic to the moral conscious. It dumbs the soul, it takes away all sentiment, emotion, conviction, and viewing it prompts a man to view females, regardless of their age, as sex objects for pleasure and satisfaction. It is pornography and money that drives the sex trafficking industry, we have to address both,” said Rodriguez.

“Men need to stand up as fathers because there are so many children who don’t have dads. Those in the church need to mentor other young men in how to become fathers and mentor them into what their future can look like,” said Jones. “They also need to stand up in holiness and righteousness and mobilize out into the communities, juvenile halls, and do life with other young boys and show them that their future doesn’t have to look like what their upbringing or past may be.”

She also pressed leaders at the NHCLC Justice Summit to engage in prayer in addition to education about sex trafficking and asked for their commitment as the organization’s initiative is set to take on projects that will directly address all relative issues pertaining to human trafficking.

Learn more at Jessica Martinez’ Christian Post article: NHCLC Speakers Urge Church Leaders to Address Human Trafficking Within Their Congregations During Justice Summit.


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