Super Bowl Drives Efforts in Arizona for Tougher Human Trafficking Laws

With the clock ticking down to the 2015 Super Bowl, Arizona nonprofits and advocates are already working to raise awareness about sex trafficking and persuade lawmakers to toughen laws. Advocates say that sex trafficking increases around sporting events, and the Super Bowl in particular.

That was a consideration when a committee appointed by Governor Jan Brewer made recommendations for new laws and policies in September. “We want to send the message to traffickers: ‘You’re not welcome here,’” Cindy McCain, the committee’s co-chair, said at the time. The committee’s recommendations include:

• Authorize victims of human trafficking to bring civil lawsuits against those responsible.

• Establish an ongoing committee to address human trafficking in Arizona.

• Explore a judicial review process to allow victims to remove low-level offenses related to forced prostitution from their criminal records.

• Require posting of a hotline number in places where victims are most likely to come into contact with it, such as strip clubs and other sexually oriented businesses.

• Require consistent basic training on human trafficking for prosecutors, the hospitality industry, child welfare workers and other professions to help them identify and assist victims.

• Collect and track trafficking data.

Governor’s Task Force on Human Trafficking

Learn more at Andrew Knochel’s Cronkite News article: Looming Super Bowl helps drive efforts to toughen state’s trafficking laws.


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