Minneapolis Pledges to Protect Young People from Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

The City of Minneapolis is committed to making the city a safe place for all youth and preventing the sexual exploitation and trafficking of juveniles. This effort involves every City department and everyone in the community. Nonprofit and philanthropic organizations play a role, as do schools, churches, entertainment venues, hotels, other businesses and many others.

Over the last two years, Minneapolis has used an innovative approach to combating sex trafficking, which has led to promising results. Since February 2011, the Minneapolis Police Department has investigated 60 juvenile sex trafficking cases and arrested 20 suspects. City staff have also trained hotel workers on warning signs to look for to help identify potential victims.

On Dec. 6, 2013 the City Council approved a resolution and to support and build upon this commitment.

Learn more at the City of Minneapolis article: Protecting Young People from Sex Trafficking in Minneapolis.


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