Student Bakes to Fight Sex Trafficking

With her latest project, New Creation Cupcake Co., started with the help of her sister-in-law, Diana Jacobson, Cornerstone University student Brittany Jacobson combines baking skill with her goal to help end human trafficking.“It’s become a lot more than cupcakes, even in the two weeks since I’ve started this,” Jacobson says, a half-empty tray of her chocolate-frosted cupcakes on the table to her left. Two weeks in, and she is already preparing to meet large orders – hundreds of cupcakes – for a number of events in the spring.“I knew nothing about human trafficking less than a year ago,” she says, though now she can rattle off dozens of horrifying statistics. She realized then that she could not sit idly by. Instead, she had been encouraged to come up with her own ideas to help.

Enter the cupcakes. All profits are given to the Manasseh Project to help combat human trafficking on the local scale through the upkeep and repairs of a Safe House in Grand Rapids. She says this is a much bigger problem than people realize. “In Grand Rapids, there are hundreds of stories of taxi drivers dropping off little girls and their moms to homes for ‘parties,’” Brittany says. “They never come out.” But few in the area know, she says, and if they do, they don’t know what to do. “It kind of amazes me. Grand Rapids is the Bible belt, but not a lot of the churches are doing anything.”

Eventually, Jacobson wants to start her own bakery where the profits go to founding another safe house. There, women who have been rescued from trafficking will be able taught to bake and will be able to make a living on their own.

Someday that dream will come true, but for Brittany Jacobson, she will take things one cupcake at a time.

Learn more at Lauren McKone’s The Herald article: Student Brittany Jacobson bakes to fight sex trafficking in West Michigan.


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