10 Ways to Help End Human Trafficking

1.  Put the National Human Trafficking Hotline in your phone – 1-888-3737-888 – you can also text BeFree (233733) for both information or for help.

2.  Give the book Refuse To Do Nothing: Finding Your Power To Abolish Modern Day Slavery by Shayne Moore and Kimberly McOwen Yim to a friend, neighbor, or family member this year.

3.  Email your favorite brands asking them what they are doing to make sure there are no slaves used to make their products.   Made in a Free World: Take Action

4. Buy jewelry that is both beautiful and helps provides jobs for survivors of human trafficking both in India and here in the United States.  Sanctuary: Handmade by Survivors of Human Trafficking

5.  Give the gift of Fair Trade goods.  Introduce friends and family to the ethical consumption. Trade as One: Change for Good

6.  Serve Fair Trade chocolate for dessert or put a Fair Trade chocolate bar in stocking instead of other candy.  Divine Chocolate

7.  Before buying any electronics, check out how your favorite companies rank in their efforts towards using and investing in conflict-free minerals in their products.  Then send them a message letting them know how important conflict minerals are to you.  Raise Hope for Congo Conflict Minerals Company Rankings

8.  Become a prayer partner with International Justice Mission

9.  Learn how you can become a everyday activist. Do a Little Good Everyday Activism

10.  Ask your place of worship to consider showing the documentary Nefarious

Learn more at Kimberly Yim’s Abolitionist Mama article: 10 Ways You Can Help End Modern-Day Slavery This Holiday Season.


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