Leading Ohio’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

Elizabeth Ranade-Janis is Ohio’s first coordinator against human trafficking, focusing on putting state agencies and a growing number of local organizations on the same page as they address the reality that the Buckeye State has become a hub for modern-day slavery. The state has multiple commissions on the issue. Toledo and some other major cities have task forces. And all are still trying to get a handle on how big a problem it is.
In Ohio, “there is political will, and capacity, and rule of law to prosecute traffickers,” she said. “I realize that’s a pretty dramatic paradigm shift, but to me that’s hugely encouraging. It isn’t perfect, but we’re working from something, and there’s a lot of will to get something done.”

“Having Liz on our team, who focuses 100 percent of her day on ending human trafficking and helping those impacted, has already produced results. But we have so much more to do, and Liz will be the first to tell you that,” Governor John Kasich said. “When you talk to her it’s clear that she is not only an expert in this area, she is also passionate about fixing this problem, helping those recovering from a life of trafficking who have deep scars, and saving others from this tragic existence.”

Learn more at Jim Provance’s Toledo Blade article: Ohioan leads fight against slavery.


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