Virginia Provides Funds Human Trafficking Victims

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has just revealed plans to use $6 million dollars to help provide shelters and counseling to young women caught in prostitution rings. The money stems from a Medicaid fraud settlement, which secured millions of dollars for the Commonwealth. This money would give victims a place to escape the web of abuse.

Sex trafficking doesn’t just happen to immigrants coaxed into the U.S., with promises of a better life, either. These victims grow up in Virginia, and across the country, some right out of local high schools.

Cuccinelli is continuing the fight against sex and labor rings in Virginia. “The overwhelming proportion of what we see is gang-run sex trafficking. Girls (are) recruited out of our own schools, own neighborhoods…(Predators, gangs and pimps) make these girls available many times a night, a weekend,” said Cuccinelli of what he calls “evil that’s beyond describable.”

Learn more at Kelly Avellino’s NBC 12 article: $6M push to help Virginia sex trafficking victims.


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