Film on Sex Trafficking in Las Vegas

The the documentary Trafficked No More, produced in Las Vegas, compiles true events of sex trafficking cases and their impact on the underground sex industry and prostitution of children. The documentary also intends to highlight a recently enacted law that tightens punishment for those convicted for sex trafficking.

One person who knows firsthand the damage the underground sex industry can do is Annie Lobert. She became a prostitute in her teens, getting out of it 11 years later. Lobert now serves as president of a program she founded, Hookers for Jesus. The organization helps women to get out of the industry. She said Las Vegas has always been a destination for prostitution and with that frequently comes trafficking.

Lobert said the sex trade industry is often something women can’t simply walk away from. “Basically the girls don’t own anything. They can’t walk away with anything. They are being totally controlled, manipulated. Even though you might not see handcuffs on them or a gun to their head as they walk out the door, when they get home, that’s what they get,” she said.

Lobert said she applauds state and local authorities for putting the spotlight on human trafficking. “We have to deal with the clients – the people and the men that are buying the girls, we have a big problem. I think we need to communicate to the men that come here to buy sex specifically that it’s not OK,” she said.

You can view the trailer at this link. [Note: Due to graphic nature of content, viewer discretion is advised.]

Learn more at Matt Guillermo’s and Craig Huber’s KVVU TV article: Film documents sex trafficking impact in Las Vegas.


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