Seeing the Light

Margaret, known as “the church lady”, rescues victims of sex trafficking in Lubbock, Texas. In her words it’s one victim at a time, one day at a time. She wins some and she loses some but she keeps on trying. Margaret does what she can when she can…and it’s making a difference.

She invites victims into her car and then drives them off to safety. Instead of just calling the police to rescue them she gets in the grit and enters the danger zone with no thought to her own safety (sound familiar? sound like our Savior?). The officials she works with warn her that if she continues to get too close to them she’ll eventually get hurt. But Margaret is not afraid because God is with her. The victims know it too. They see the light of Christ shining in her. They sense the love of Christ overflowing through her.

To Margaret these girls are not just victims, they are potential victors through Jesus Christ. They are real people, created in the image of God and died for by the Son of God. They are her sisters who need saving, literally and spiritually. Margaret wants every one of these victims, not only to know deliverance from the chains of sex slavery, but freedom from the penalty and power of sin itself. She is concerned about their eternal as well as their earthly deliverance because only the gospel of Jesus can rescue them from Satan’s vice-ladened, vice-like grip.

May Margaret’s example inspire us all to get in the dirt and the grit of the bad, the broken and bullied and do what it takes to save them, both now and forever.

Learn more at Greg Stier’s Christian Post article: Sex Trafficking and ‘The Church Lady’.


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