World’s Worst Countries for Slavery

Almost 30 million people are forced to live as slaves around the world today. They contribute to the production of about 120 goods from 58 countries, with an estimated $15.5 billion of those goods being made in wealthy industrialized countries, according to data from the International Labour Organization.

Walk Free states that slavery occurs in every country around the world. Here are some where the problem is prominent and widespread:

Mauritania – Up to 20% of the Mauritanian population is enslaved, according to NGOs on the ground.

Haiti – Since the earthquake in 2010, little has been done to combat slavery in Haiti.

Pakistan –  Pakistan is home to over 4 million modern day slaves, one of the highest rates in the world.

India –  Every year countless women and children are taken from remote villages and towns and brought to Delhi where they are sold into domestic slavery.

Nepal – Poverty is one of the root causes of slavery in Nepal, with many children sent away as servants to provide for their families.

Moldova – People most affected by slavery in Moldova are women from socially disadvantaged families, women subjected to domestic violence, children left without parental care, and children placed in state institutions.

Benin – Modern slavery in Benin consists of many people trafficked both internally and abroad from countries like Niger and Togo. Benin was one of the first African countries to pass an anti-human trafficking law in 1961. However, a lack of financial backing has stalled many of the anti-slavery efforts put forth by the government.

Learn more at Leeor Bronis’ Policy Mic article: The World’s Worst Countries for Modern Day Slavery.


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