Kansas City Best Place to Be Rescued

Kansas City has been a center of sex trafficking. But the city also happens to be one of the best places in the country to be rescued from human trafficking, almost entirely thanks to one woman. The U.S. Attorney’s office for western Missouri has a long-standing program to help trafficking victims. And local law firm, Husch Blackwell, recently agreed to donate however many hours it takes to handle all legal issues facing trafficking victims.

Cynthia Cordes launched both initiatives. Cordes holds the distinction of having prosecuted more human trafficking cases than anyone else, across the entire U.S. Department of Justice, during her tenure as Assistant U.S. Attorney in Kansas City. But liberty doesn’t solve all their problems, far from it. In addition to emotional and financial recovery, Cordes says these victims face a legal minefield.

Cordes is now leading a human trafficking legal clinic at Husch Blackwell, with almost 40 lawyers there agreeing to go to bat for defendants, in whatever legal capacity they need — for free. She says the pro bono work helps victims as well as people prosecuting human traffickers.

Learn more at Frank Morris’ KCUR-FM article: Is Kansas City The Best Place To Be Rescued From Human Trafficking?


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