Major Religions Join Forces Against Human Trafficking

For the first time in history, Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Muslims have joined forces in a project to “inspire practical and spiritual action” to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. High-level representatives from each faith community met at the Vatican to sign an agreement launching the Global Freedom Network to help eradicate an injustice that affects up to 27 million people.

The newly-formed organization that aims to eradicate slavery by encouraging governments, businesses, and educational and faith institutions to rid their supply chains of slave labor.

The Global Freedom Network will be based at the Vatican and have Antonia Stampalija as the chief executive responsible for implementing a five-year business plan. Objectives include getting the G20 to condemn modern-day slavery, persuading 50 major corporations to commit to slavery-proofing their supply chains and convincing 160 governments to endorse a seven-year, $100 million fundraising effort to implement anti-slavery programs globally.

A prayer written by the project’s chief executive was offered at the agreement signing:

“Lord, in this moment we stand beside every victim who has been human trafficked or enslaved. In this moment we know you bear their excruciating fear and pain. May they feel your peace and grace wash over them. We pray for justice to be served. We pray for their release from the unbearable dehumanization, anguish and humiliation they feel. We pray for their liberation from being held captive against their will and by your grace for good Samaritans to restore their lives. We pray for the healing of victims and for their loved ones. We pray as part of a united, worldwide movement for the empowerment and ability of all churches, of all faiths, international and civil society organizations, governments, national authorities, business communities and people of goodwill everywhere to put an end to modern slavery. We pray never to forget what it feels like to be in this moment to stand in solidarity with victims of slavery consumed with fear and pain. We pray that you will use us in some way to help end this human tragedy. Lord, we have faith that your presence, your love and your spiritual embrace will always be with the victims of modern slavery. Lord God, Heavenly King, mighty God and Father. hear our prayer.”

Learn more at Jan Butter’s Anglican Communion News Service article: Anglicans, Roman Catholics and Muslims sign historic agreement to combat human trafficking, slavery.


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