Working to End Modern Slavery

Gloria Shin, a twenty-something Baltimore, MD-based graphic designer, wants everyone to know that slavery, also known as human trafficking, is alive and well. In fact, of the world’s estimated 30 million slaves, there are 60,000 here in the United States, with Washington, DC and Baltimore claiming some of the highest numbers. Gloria left her full time marketing job in August of last year to become a Digital Activist Fellow with the Polaris Project, an organization in the global fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

To do so, she had to raise $12,000 simply to support herself during her personal crusade. Gloria had this to say about her transition: “I did not take leaving my full-time job lightly. I recognized that it was a huge risk. It was a leap of faith I took, though, because I felt so passionately about Polaris’ work.” Gloria served as a member of Polaris’ communications team, building awareness for the cause with Facebook and Twitter, teaching the public to recognize the signs of trafficking and to call in tips to its hotline. For three months, Gloria was a 21st -century digital crusader, fighting for a better world.

A deeply religious person, Gloria believes that giving back is not a choice, but a “faith imperative.” Even today, as principal of her design firm, Gloria is quick to highlight her mission of building “brands with dignity,” and working with mostly nonprofit clients. “My goal professionally is to help those who do good, do good better. I care deeply about all human rights issues, human trafficking being just one of them … Ultimately, my goal is to help build brands and leverage that brand power for the greater good.”

Everyone can make a difference. Start with your own neighborhood. Start seeing your surroundings with an open mind-heart. But don’t just look for the problems; look for the capacity and potential. Most importantly though is the importance of being a good listener, and approaching all things with humility.

Learn more at Rich Polt’s Christian Science Monitor article: Gloria Shin works to end modern-day slavery.


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