Training Foster Parents About Child Sex Trafficking

Warning that pimps want to further victimize those in the foster care and juvenile justice systems, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to consider training foster parents and other caregivers on how to identify and help children forced into prostitution.

In their motion, Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Don Knabe noted children as young as 12 are being bought and sold for sex on the streets of Los Angeles County.

In 2010, 174 juveniles under age 18 were arrested on prostitution-related charges — 60 percent of whom were in foster care. Knabe said the county has trained about 3,000 county employees and social workers with DCFS and the Probation Department to spot indicators that a child is being exploited for sex. However, the training has not thus far been extended to foster parents, foster family agencies and juvenile justice group homes.  “If they are contracting with us, we just feel very strongly that they should be part of the solution as well,” Knabe said.

Learn more at Christina Villacorte’s Los Angeles Daily News article: Los Angeles County wants foster parents trained to spot child sex trafficking.


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