Police Changing Their Perceptions

Judges, prosecutors and detectives say there’s a crime in Boise that’s a much bigger problem than people realize, prostitution. But, they’re trying to battle it in a new way, by changing how they view it.

Boise Police Detective Mike Miraglia says in order to battle it, police need to call it what it is. “What we recognize as human trafficking these days, we used to call prostitution.” Prostitution used to be considered a nuisance crime. Miraglia says it can’t be that way anymore. “Generally, women and children, as young as 12 or 13, are enticed into human trafficking, and then, they are sold as commodities by individuals who could care less about them personally.  We have to look at it as a form of modern day slavery.”

So, instead of treating and prosecuting prostitutes as criminals, Miraglia says police are treating them as who they truly are, victims. Miraglia says this is a community problem. He says we have to reduce the demand for prostitution. That can be done by raising awareness about the level of the criminal enterprise those who are soliciting prostitution are contributing to, that they are victimizing women and children in their own community.

Learn more at Justin Corr’s KTVB News article: Boise Police battling human trafficking by changing perceptions.


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