Hispanics and Sex Trafficking

Data from a new study at the Urban Institute reveals that Hispanics are increasingly populating–and running–underground sex businesses, and though they’re not as organized as other ethnicities in the illegal sex trade, the crime rings are growing. “The Hispanic side is still about the money. There is some organization there, but it’s not anything like the Asian organization which is truly organized crime that ranges clear back to China,” said a San Diego Law Enforcement Official in the report.

In some cities, such as in Miami, the underground sex trade is predominantly Hispanic, with most of the women and men from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, being forced into the underground due to smuggling debts. Other Hispanics–men and women–are often operating a number of underground sex businesses, involved in everything from prostitution to child pornography.

Nationwide, 80 percent of clients for Hispanic sex rings are Hispanic men. For underground sex rings, often there’s a misconception held by the client that the women involved in such practices are not only there willingly, but enjoy the work they do. The client isn’t aware of the fact that many women in sex rings are coached to always please the client. If they did otherwise, they’d be exposing themselves to being hurt or to having their families targeted.

While there is no justification for the number of Hispanics involved in all aspects of sex trafficking, historians indicate prostitution has long been a part of many Hispanic cultures.

Learn more at Hope Gillette’s Huffington Post article: Disturbing New Report Details Hispanic Role In Sex Traffic.


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