One Victim is One Too Many

Following a Vatican conference on human trafficking, Cardinal Vincent Nichols lamented the millions of victims and spoke of initiatives that provide an opportunity for them to come forward. The cardinal said that although it is difficult to give an exact number of how many have suffered at the hands of modern slavery, “one is too many.”

The April 9-10 conference gathered both ecclesiastical and civil authorities from more than 20 nations to the Vatican in order to discuss the proper methods for combating human trafficking. Referring to the speech of one of the four trafficking victims who gave their testimony during the meeting, Cardinal Nichols noted that “one of the most poignant things” she said was, “I am now free, but millions are not.”

A key goal for everyone who participated in the Vatican’s conference, which is the second addressing the issue of human trafficking since 2012, and with another slated to occur in November, is to convince more victims to come forward.

Learn more at the Patheos article: One victim of trafficking is too many, cardinal emphasizes.


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