Survivor Shares Her Views on Sex Trafficking

For many of us, the words “sex trafficking” conjure up images of distant lands and unfamiliar cultures. Corrupt government officials, porous borders and a lack of rule of law must leave the most vulnerable exposed to this abhorrent and heartbreaking dynamic overseas, we think. But, at least American children are safe!

I shared these same misinformed assumptions several years ago until organizations like the Polaris Project and Shared Hope, two domestically-focused anti-human trafficking nonprofits, informed me of the extent that human trafficking takes place within the United States — and to the fact that a majority of victims are minors. Holly Smith, author of newly released Walking Prey, was one of them.

Holly is indisputably courageous for sharing her personal story, which helps to illuminate that children (and adults) from all walks of life, can be the target of traffickers. Her book is far more than a memoir alone, however, as Holly manages effectively to integrate comprehensive and informative recommendations for parents, educators, law enforcement and government officials on how to combat trafficking and sexual exploitation. I had the honor of asking Holly about her story, her book and her advocacy work as a survivor.

Learn more at Jane Mossbacher Morris’ Huffington Post article: Holly Smith, Author of Walking Prey and Sex Trafficking Survivor, Shares Advice and Her Story.


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