Michigan Human Trafficking Report

Human Trafficking exploits people through compelled service.Thousands of people each year – both within the United States and abroad – fall victim to this horrific crime. In Michigan, children, women, and men are compelled into prostitution, domestic servitude, and other labor for little or no pay. Reports indicate that human trafficking is the second-largest and fastest-growing criminal industry in the world.
But there are many obstacles facing policymakers and law enforcement officers who attempt to address and eradicate this abhorrent crime, including the lack of comprehensive data that reveals the true extent of this illegal and immoral activity.
In March 2013, Attorney General Bill Schuette and State Representative Kurt Heise, in cooperation with Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature, launched the first Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking. Composed of 31 members,including state lawmakers, government officials, law enforcement personnel, academicians, and anti-trafficking activists, the Commission’s mission was to develop a comprehensive statewide plan to uncover and prevent human-trafficking within Michigan.

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