Emmy Nomination for Anti-Trafficking Film

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office is known for prosecuting cases against human trafficking. But it soon could be known for an award-winning movie on the subject. The documentary “Teenage $ex 4 $ale: Human Trafficking in San Bernardino County,” directed and edited by DA’s office spokesman Chris Lee, has been nominated for a 2014 Emmy Award.

The 45-minute documentary follows law enforcement officers, members of the California Against Sexual Exploitation of Minors (CASE) taskforce and some of the women and girls themselves telling the story of human trafficking on the streets of San Bernardino County. The film is on the DA’s website at sbcountyda.org.

Lee submitted the film for the Emmys, which has dozens of categories from TV news to documentaries. It was announced that “Teenage $ex 4 $ale: Human Trafficking in San Bernardino County” was nominated in the documentary category for excellence in the creation of a formal, structured television presentation with dramatic impact of an event, condition or situation of current, cultural and/or historical significance.

“This movie was the spring board for new programs in the DA’s office, like the Stop the John program and the San Bernardino County Human Trafficking task force,” District Attorney Mike Ramos said. “Those came after the documentary was shown for first time. We all got together and asked what are our next steps. This documentary inspired not only people and community members across the nation, but inspired this office and this DA to do more. It inspired us to create a human trafficking protocol in this County that I am so proud of.”

Learn more at Lori Fowler’s Redlands Daily Facts article: Film by San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office receives Emmy nomination.


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