Surivor’s Inexpressible Joy Helps Others

Christine was strolling with some friends through downtown Naperville when they spotted the store. The sign outside said something about traffic. One of Christine’s friends said it must be a driving school or something. Taking a closer look, they saw that WAR Chest Boutique is about helping women and girls who have been victims of human trafficking. And that, she says, is the moment when she began to find her voice.

Christine spent 10 years in the dark and cruel world of human trafficking. It began when she was 14. Because she was allowed to keep attending school and working her legitimate and lucrative job — as long as she turned over her earnings to her abusers — Christine’s situation was different from most of those preyed upon by traffickers.

Provocation leading to action is key for Christine, who wants to use her faith in God, and her newfound voice, to bring other girls and women out of the darkness. She understands that being forced to do horrific things equipped her to help them process what has happened to them as well. “Eventually I’d like to have a fully supported position as a motivational speaker for human trafficking,” she said. “Sometimes I get choked up and emotional, but at the same time, it’s part of my healing, part of my growth.”

She stresses that following God has given her the divine backup she’ll need to pursue her new mission. “It’s unexplainable, this inexpressible joy that I can’t explain to people … but if I don’t have that joy, how am I ever going to help other people?”

Learn more at Susan Frick Carlman’s Naperville Sun article: Suburban groups battle scourge of sex trafficking.


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