Pageant Hopeful Has Platform Against Human Trafficking

What in the world would combine the terms Miss America and Human Trafficking into a single conversation? The answer: an outspoken young Miss America hopeful from Overland Park, Kansas, currently serving as Miss Capital City with hopes of capturing the Miss Kansas title. Her further aspirations include a run at the coveted Miss America Crown. That’s the answer.

Abigail Lopez hosted a gala, “Fiesta de Alegria” recently to serve several purposes in her quest to run for her next title. She said she needed to raise awareness to the platform she advocates, educate more people on the problem of human trafficking, and generate funds for her expenses. Lopez said that she has always dreamed of reigning as Miss America and the crown would give her a voice on the national stage for an issue that is seldom addressed but continues to grow and thrive–especially in the Kansas City area and the Midwest in general.

Her brush with Human Trafficking is all too personal, and she said she could have easily been victimized by a pimp who attempted to gain her confidence and prepare her for entry into the marketplace. Her personal vendetta is to illuminate the problem and help others understand the need for interaction. Education, understanding, and vigilance can stop the growth of the problem. She speaks on that topic at every opportunity. Lopez credits her family with her rescue. She said they helped her immensely, and she is forever grateful for them.

Learn more at Bob Evans’ article: Miss Kansas 2014 hopeful platforms against Human Trafficking.


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