Florida Campaign Targets Teens at Risk for Human Trafficking

Human traffickers always have relied on the naivete of teenagers, and now a grass-roots educational program is in place to warn vulnerable teens of the dangers of human trafficking and prostitution.

The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay has joined forces with Dunn & Co., a local advertising firm, and the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking to launch the campaign dubbed Drop an F-Bomb, designed to grab the attention of teens through social media. In this case, the “F” refers to “friend,” not the more commonly used vulgarity, said Giselle Rodriguez, state outreach coordinator with the coalition.

The program targets at-risk teens in the Tampa Bay area, particularly kids in foster care, who are susceptible to recruitment into the sex industry. The campaign is designed to show teens how pimps target and manipulate risk-taking young girls into prostitution, and to encourage friends of potential victims to talk about their relationships and to get help and advice by calling 211. Callers can remain anonymous. The Drop an F-Bomb website dispels the stereotype of what a pimp might look like and provides warning signs. The program also is on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter (#fbomb211), Instagram and Pinterest.

Learn more at Keith Morelli’s The Tamba Tribune article: ‘Drop an F-Bomb’ campaign targets human trafficking.


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