How to Help Stop Human Trafficking

The travesties of human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children are so despicable that they almost seem beyond belief, especially when you consider that they exist right in our own backyard. But we must recognize that we are not without culpability and have allowed these wrongs to find fertile ground within our nation’s borders.

Chart the proliferation of pornography, especially on the Internet, the loosening of sexual mores and the dearth of shame and you will see a trajectory which has led us to a situation where too many human beings, to include children, are abused and used as sexual slaves. With the exception of religious institutions, today’s America has no braking system for unchecked lust.

So where does the average American come into play and how can he or she help stop it? Start simple.

If you think that looking at a porn site is benign, think again. There is a legitimate risk that what you may be witnessing at times are actual crime scenes. Porn is basic supply and demand, and far too many Americans support it by their interest. Like drugs for some, starting with porn can be a gateway to crimes like solicitation of prostitution in which pimps provide a dark service. The supply for that service is supported by “bought and sold” slaves.

The current state of our nation with respect to the protection and dignity of our women and children is especially troubling, and sadly has been brought about in part through our vices. “We have met the enemy and he is us” is apropos. But our situation is not without hope, for when we recognize our sins and their far-reaching consequences, we can begin on a road that liberates and safeguards our women from abuse and puts a stop to the tragic crimes against them.

Learn more at Tom Wetzel’s article: How Americans can help stop human trafficking.


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