From My Cousin on Facebook

john lintott

This is a post I got on Facebook from my cousin. He and I had a discussion about it, but I thought the discussion I found when I looked back to where image originated was even more interesting. These are comments made publicly on Facebook. I would love to know what you think.

“I have FOR YEARS been saying, “TAX the OUTBOUND Wire Transfers for EVERYONE not possessing a VALID U.S. Drivers License that wires money “back home”. 40 %. Flat Fee. Then the Feds and the State split the $$$ to offset better border security…Result: Some will “Stay and Pay” and the rest will “Hit the Highway” back home…END Welfare to Illegals also..” ~Larry

Libtards are to stupid to get it” ~Speed (This must be secret code for Libertarians, right?)

I’m Mexican but I totally agree with that, there is only one problem your forgetting that USA picks up trash world wide! But I understand probably some redneck made this and is so ignorant that doesn’t know it,. Ones again I totally agree with your comment but using my flag is disrespectful” ~ Andrea

“We need to stop this right now. We can’t afford this. We have citizens here that have worked all thier life paid taxes and are barely eeking by!!! Pay attention voters. Vote for change. But not the change Obama has brought. It’s going to bankrupt us and make us a third world country.”  ~Shirley

“”Legal immigrants send much of their money back home too, idiots. Placing the Mexican flag behind this is implies that only illegal Mexicans send money to their home country, which is simply not true.”       ~Natasha

Here is the conversation I had with my cousin. I changed his name.

  • Judy Connor Why do you think they come here Jack? They are desperately poor and trying to care for their families as best they can. Have you never done anything illegal?
  • Jack Of course I have…but I pay taxes…all this money is tax free.
  • Judy Connor They are desperate Jack. The poverty they come from is grinding poverty. What about compassion?
  • Jack: I have compassion…I’m not saying they have to leave…just pay taxes like every hard working American should….I work hard for what I have….If that money got taxed it would help. 33% of 56 billion is alot
  • Jack They come here and cheat the system….it isn’t fair
  • Judy Connor If they could come legally they would. The U.S. allows almost no one from Latin America come into the country unless they have some special status, like they will be killed if they go back. Otherwise, they are automatically deported back to countries riddled with crime, corruption, and poverty. If your children were sick and hungry and there was no other way, would you cheat a system that was determined to cheat you anyway? Don’t blame the poor for just trying to survive. Blame the rich and those who make money off of their backs every single day.

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