Read More, Learn More – March 2012 Book List

Be the Change: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World by Zach Hunter (Zondervan/Youth Specialties, 2007)

Most people think the average teenager isn’t capable of much beyond hanging with their friends and wasting time. But Zach Hunter isn’t your average teenager. And he’s hoping to show you that you’re not either. Zach has been trying to end slavery around the globe. Most people (maybe even you) think that slavery has been over for a long time. But sadly, there are more people bound in slavery now than at any of the times we read about in our history books. Now Zach is working to end slavery and free the men, women, and children who are being held against their will. He’s even found some friends in the fight, including Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Leeland Mooring of Leeland. Just look around the world and on the news and you’ll find that there are plenty of things wrong with our planet—homelessness, hunger, global warming, AIDS…the list goes on and on. And we usually look at these problems and decide they’re too big for us to do anything about. But Zach is proving that one person can make a difference. And in his book, he’ll reveal the elements needed to make amazing changes in your world. In the end, he hopes you’ll find the thing you’re passionate about—and start making changes!

About the Author: Zach Hunter is a teenage abolitionist and activist, spending much of his time working to end modern-day slavery around the world and fighting other problems in the world today. When he was twelve, he started a campaign called Loose Change to Loosen Chains, helping to raise awareness and money to free people from slavery. The author of Be the Change, Zach speaks to hundreds of thousands of people each year, inspiring them to find their passion and make a change in the world.

Beyond the Soiled Curtain: Project Rescue’s Fight for the Victims of Sex-Slave Industry by David and Beth Grant (Onward Books, 2008)

Fifteen-year-old Sumi peels back the soiled curtain of her stall on Falkland Road in Bombay, India’s red-light district. She peers at the middle-aged customer and watches as her madam collects payment. Christians will discover how millions of girls are living tragedies every day as they are forced into the third largest profitable criminal industry in the world. Through this story God’s grace and compassion will be poured out as Project Rescue sets out to share Christ’s love and rescue girls from this cycle of abuse.

About the Author: David and Beth Grant have served hand in hand with K.K. Devaraj as the founders and visionaries of Project Rescue. While their ministry has been primarily focused on the land of India, their heart to share their faith and see sexual trafficking victims rescued and restored has carried them to over thirty countries around the world.

David and Beth communicate the message of Hope in Christ with a contagious passion. Their visionary approach has inspired thousands to ask, “What kind of mark do I want to leave on this world?” For 35 years, India has been the heart and focus of David’s ministry. Thousands of churches have been planted and scores of colleges established as a result of his boundless energy. While continuing his commitment to the needs of India, David is increasingly engaged in casting vision and the development of new Homes of Hope across Eurasia. Beth’s personal calling and passion is that of teacher. She has served as faculty and guest lecturer in cross-cultural education and women’s issues in colleges in India, Europe and the United States. She also ministers as a guest speaker at women’s retreats in Europe, Southern Asia and America, inspiring women to fulfill God’s purposes for their lives and to courageously touch their world with the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ.

Embracing Your Freedom: A Personal Experience of God’s Heart for Justice by Susie Larson (Moody Publishers, 2009)

While our culture places great emphasis on comfort, security, control, and success, there are deeper rewards for those who take hold of God’s promises and reach out in the Name of Christ. Adventure, faith, miracles, and a deep knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is what Susie calls her readers to realize. Author and speaker Susie Larson makes her message graspable, accessible, and doable. Her stories, scriptural devotionals, and study questions set the stage for a first-hand experience of God’s heart for personal freedom, for the plight of the suffering, and for a conviction to get involved with His work among those in need. While the book’s primary focus is on the reader’s journey into freedom, it clearly conveys our shared responsibility to “seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, [and] plead for the widow” (Isaiah 1:17, nrsv). This is God’s expectation for those who truly know Him. When we live in bondage to our fears, insecurities, shame, guilt, despair, or sinful appetites, we live self-focused lives. But when we embrace our freedom in Christ, our hearts are released from captivity and we view everything around us as tools to bring that same freedom to those who desperately need it. This book is for the woman who wants to grow stronger in her walk of faith and who wants to gain a greater view of God’s heart for the world. May she be provoked, to be as free as God meant her to be. And as a result, may she become an advocate for the freedoms of others. Each chapter includes devotional insights, justice quotes, anecdotes, prayer guidance, and study/reflective questions.

About the Author: With enthusiasm, humor, and conviction, author/speaker Susie Larson has spoken to thousands of women locally, nationally, and internationally. She is a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Women in Christian Media, and serves on the board of directors for the Christian Authors Network. Susie also serves a regular guest host for Along the Way– a two-hour talk radio show (AM Faith 900).

In addition to authoring several books and many articles, Susie works as a freelance writer for Focus on the Family, and has been featured as a guest on radio and TV programs across the country, including Moody Midday Connection, Family Life Today, Chris Fabry Live!, The Harvest Show, and the LIFE Today Show with James and Betty Robison.

While in Washington D.C., Susie and her husband Kevin, along with Troy and Sara Groves, represented International Justice Mission’s concerns in meetings with Congress as part of their efforts to abolish and prevent human trafficking and slavery. The four of them serve as co-chairs for the IJM benefit banquet in Minnesota. Susie comes with a passion to share the love of a Savior who will never let us go.

Renting Lacy: A Story Of America’s Prostituted Children – A Call to Action by Linda Smith with Cindy Coloma (Shared Hope International, 2009)

The average age of entry into prostitution in America is 13 years old. Forced into a life they never chose, manipulated, abused and tortured at the hands of the pimps who control them, our country’s children are sold on the streets, on the internet and at truck stops across America every night. They aren’t bad kids who made bad choices. They are victims of child sex trafficking. They come from our neighborhoods, our schools, our churches, and sometimes our own homes. Author Linda Smith brings to life characters based on real stories and interviews with teen survivors. Meet Lacy and Star as they reveal the underbelly of our country’s commercial sex trade. Get to know the men who sell them, and the ones who buy them. Let Renting Lacy draw you into the lives of these young girls as they struggle to survive each night, watching their childhood hopes and dreams slip away in the darkness. Let it compel you to action.

About the Author: Linda Smith is a leader in the global movement to end sex trafficking of women and children around the world. In 1998, while still a member of the U.S. Congress, Linda traveled to Falkland Road in Mumbai, India, a notorious brothel district. The hopeless faces of women and children forced into prostitution compelled Linda to found Shared Hope International (SHI). SHI supports care, shelter, education, and vocational training at Homes and Villages of Hope. SHI provides leadership in education and training, prevention strategies, research, and policy initiatives. Linda is the primary author of From Congress to the Brothel and Renting Lacy and co-author of The National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America’s Prostituted Children and the DEMAND. Report. As a foremost expert on the issue, Linda has testified before Congress, presented at national and international forums, participated in more than 300 media interviews, and has been published in news outlets and journals around the world. Linda served as a Washington State legislator (1983-93), before she was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1994. Her compassionate and uncompromising belief that every individual has dignity has carried her from advocating for permanent safe homes for children in the State Senate, to the halls of Congress, and ultimately to searching out victims in red light districts around the world.

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