Human Trafficking Course

Today, the members of the Sisters of Divine Providence Social Concerns Committee are beginning an online course on Human Trafficking on Coursera. The course is being taught by Jacquelyn Meshelemiah, Phd from Ohio State University who teaches there in the Social Work Department. 

Coursera is a program through which people from around the world can have access to all kinds of education from major universities at no cost, so we are taking advantage, along with 26,000 others who are presently enrolled, of this opportunity to learn about human trafficking. 

On another topic, may our Provident God bless all of the people of Ferguson, Missouri. We ask God’s blessing on the young man who was killed, the man who killed him, their families and friends, and all of the people who have been driven to the streets because of racism and oppression that continues to infect our country.

Also, just wanted to put in another great quotation from our founder, Bishop Ketteler:

“Today, the haves and the have-nots confront each other with animosity, and the poverty of the masses grows daily.” 




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