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The congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence was founded in Germany in 1851 by Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler, Bishop of Mainz, and Stephanie Amelia Starkenfels de la Roche.  The Sisters first came to the United States in 1876.

Bishop Ketteler was known as the “social justice bishop” because of his tireless work in helping oppressed, unskilled German laborers in their effort to unionize for just wages and decent working conditions.  In the spirit of Bishop Ketteler, the Sisters continue involvement in social justice causes.

The Sisters of Divine Providence are committed to promoting a consistent ethic of life.   Reflecting God’s compassionate care for the world, they are called to hold all life sacred, to promote justice, to seek to advance the cause of all people, especially those in need, and to practice responsible stewardship.  This commitment is exercised through corporate sponsored ministries: Providence Connections, Inc., which operates the Providence Family Support Center and Amelia House (a SAFE house in Clarion County); Room at the Inn in St. Louis serves the homeless, providing programming and safe day/night sites for clients and their children; La Posada Providencia in Texas works with asylum seekers, guiding them through the U. S. immigration process.

As part of their promotion of a consistent ethic of life, the Sisters adopted a Corporate Stance Against Human Trafficking.  That action initiated the launching of this Justice For Life blog.  Over the coming months this blog will feature articles on human trafficking as well as other social justice issues through which the Sisters of Divine Providence are the face of God to a world in need.


One thought on “About this blog

  1. I’m Matt Clark, director of the Redlight Project, a Louisville based, grassroots initiative to end sexual slavery in urban America. I want to share some information about our organization, to see if you might be interested in partnering with us in the future.

    The Redlight Project has three basic goals:
    1. Raising awareness through the media. We are filming a documentary, “Redlight Redemption,” and have already gathered over 20 hours of footage in Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. We’re interviewing women who are currently held as sex slaves, as well as their captors. Check out the theatrical trailer at www.redlightredemption.org! 
    2. Our second objective is to identify suitable candidates for rescue and transport them out of reach of their captors to safety. 
    3. We are in the process of acquiring real estate in high risk areas in both Chicago and Detroit. Our volunteers will renovate these properties into shelters for victims of sexual slavery. We are developing job placement, financial planning, and substance abuse programs. 

    If your organization/business may be potentially interested in sharing these goals with us, please visit www.redlightredemption.org/affiliate to become a part of our affiliate program. Or contact me at (502) 494-4953. 

    Together, we can fight back against the sexual abuse and exploitation of women in urban America. 

    “If you want to change the world, find someone who no one else believes in, and believe in that person.”

    Also, check out our recently launched Kickstarter campaign: 


    Matt Clark 
    Redlight Project
    (502) 494-4953

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